A Barrel in Czerniejów

How a tragedy in rural Poland became emblematic of the country’s Women's Rights struggle.

The Church in Czerniejów, Poland. Photo: M.F. Sikora/Wikimedia Commons

“Wypierdalać” — “Get the fuck out.”

Now, the Constitutional Court — illicitly stacked by Law and Justice, the ruling populist right-wing party — has ruled that virtually all abortion is illegal in Poland. The only bases for abortion that remain in Poland, are if the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life directly, or if the fetus is a result of rape.

A Hell for Women

Despite all this, it’s estimated that between 100 to 200 thousand Polish women terminate their pregnancies every year. Usually, abroad. Poland is the only country in EU save for Malta to not offer abortion on demand in the first trimester, meaning that well-off women with the right knowledge can easily travel to Germany, Czech Republic or Slovakia to terminate their pregnancies… for a price.



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Adam Koscielak

Canadian-Pole. Copywriter by day, leftist activist by night. Feel free to drop me a line @ adam.s.koscielak@gmail.com,